Composition of the Solution

The big data platform for smart retail operation, providing real-time dynamic data

The 360-degree customer insights and advice for CRM operation

Advice for the optimization of shelf display

Advice for dynamic SKU pricing

Advice for the optimization of the supply chain system

Based on YI Tunnel’s AI solution, the system uses cutting-edge technologies for large-scale machine learning and data modeling to mine, process and analyze the retailer’s massive data
It enables each retail system to have AI and provides a stable data intelligence service for the day-to-day operation
Application Scenarios

Real-time dynamic data support to facilitate retailer to get information about people and store in a timely fashion

CRM efforts, such as exploring repeat customers: The data platform analyzes member’s store visit frequency and shopping history, and proactively sends information about specific promotions and holiday events to them

Dynamic product pricing: Price products dynamically based on supply-sales data as well as real-time sales infor mation, to attract more customers

Optimization of shelf display: The smart analysis system based on sematic action recognition can recognize cus tomer’s shopping routes, gestures in getting what they want to buy, items they chosen etc., to become a great helper for the stockers

* A retailer has to buy the unattended cash register or the Super YI solution first before buying this service